The Lab

Our research is aimed at supporting parents in the education of their children. Family is where the social reproduction takes place and it can deeply affect children’s development and destiny. This is particularly true nowadays in Italy where social mobility is very limited and children’s future is still largely determined by chance.

Currently we know that families could be the context where social transformation happens and where their members overcome their constraints in order to become human beings. People, as a matter of fact, become human beings all along their lives, thanks to education as well. As J. P. Pourtois states, mobilising parents’ educational capital is thus a fundamental action of every democratic society. This action allows parents to regain their educational role and learn to support their children’s growth.

Even the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe agreed with this vision by issuing multiple recent recommendations promoting a family context where children’s interests and positive parenthood are the core of every decision and action.

That is why it’s of outmost importance to develop parents’ skills and promote a positive cooperation among social workers, health and social care professionals, teachers and parents themselves in the education of their children. The aim is not providing any predetermined model, but helping parents find their own way: as Froebel said “everyone is their own model in their own way”, just like our inspiring professor Diega Orlando Cian underlined.