Who participates in P.I.P.P.I.?


The Multidisciplinary Team has an operational function, i.e. to guarantee quality, continuity and appropriateness in child and family care processes, in the implementation of the process and in the use of the existing instruments. The Multidisciplinary Team is thus in charge of the operational aspects and of coordinating the programme for its entire duration. As a rule, each Multidisciplinary Team is composed by: the professional in charge of the case, the psychologist, the social worker, the home educator, the family’s paediatrician and other community members (professionals or not), the supporting families, the children’s teachers and the family members, including the children themselves. The Multidisciplinary Team must be considered as a “variable geometry” group, formed by a hard core of professionals and by a number of figures and professionals who may join the group when needed and depending on the situation: teacher, paediatrician, supporting family, etc.