P.I.P.P.I. – Programma di Intervento Per la Prevenzione dell’Istituzionalizzazione (programme to prevent institutionalization) is designed as a research-action and its main goal is to prevent children from being separated from their families. In particular, the activities promoted in the frame of the experimentation are aimed at improving parenting skills, promoting full involvement in children’s school life and strengthening social networks (environmental and family-related factors). These actions are consistent with the national policies for the fight against poverty based on parenting support, which is provided in collaboration with social and health care services, schools, the third sector and families.

Through an eco-systemic approach, the purpose of P.I.P.P.I. is to experiment and assess a specific multidimensional programme to meet the needs of vulnerable families, starting from the family setting, the social network, the school attended by the children/adolescents, the environment in general, the needs and the intra-psychic dimension of each family member. In particular, the goal is to codify, test, evaluate an intensive approach - structured and flexible at the same time - for the families care process, able to decrease children’s risk of placement and/or facilitate family reunification.


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