LabRIEF is a research group based in the Department of Philosphy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology of the University of Padua. Its main interests are children’s development needs and family education and its activities are focused on the importance of ensuring families wellbeing and the quality of children’s growth, as well as preventing any form of children abuse.

Practice and research are closely related. Research, especially pedagogical research, is inextricably linked to actions. We learn from actions. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to achieve the genuine aim of any research: changing and improving the real world.

Research, teaching, practice, service: these are the four pillars of our strategy. Even if it’s difficult, our approach must combine them in our everyday activities.

The Lab

LabRIEF is a research group based in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psichology of the University of Padua. Read more

What we do

LabRIEF is a team involved in research, training and practice. Its activities are realized together with public services and social workers.

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Who we are

LabRIEF is a team composed of experts and scholars in different disciplines (pedagogy, psichology, sociology, statistics, economics).

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